Product Name: 17AMIRP Current Temperature Protector

Motor Stalling Protector

Plow Motor Locked-Rotor Protector

Current Overload Protector

Coffee Machine Temperature Protector

Product description: 17AMIRP Thermal Protector Applications: • Shaded Pole Motor • Permanent split capacitor motor • Fluorescent lighting ballasts • HID ballasts • Transformer • Recessed lighting fixtures • Battery packs •

Product details

17AMIRP thermal protector advantages:
• Miniature size.
• Individually temperature calibrated and checked.
• Positive make and break with Klixon snap action disc.
• Repeatable temperature performance over life.
• Gasket steel case suitable for many impregnation processes.
• Current and temperature sensitivity for maximum design flexibility.
• Wide selection of leads and insulating sleeves.
• Same size and opposite side terminations.
• Cadmium free contacts.

Technical parameters of 17AMIRP thermal protector:
Rating: 22 A / 115 V--- AC, 10 A / 250 V--- AC, 20 A / 16 V--- DC
Action temperature range: 55 ºC~ 185 ºC ±5ºC

Dimension: 23×10.4×4.6 mm
Contact resistance:<40mΩ
Insulation resistance:>100MΩ
Response speed:≤1ºC/min
Operation cycles: >10000 Times

Approvals: UL CSA TUV CQC RoHS


17AMI series thermal/motor protector construction:
1、17AMI系列产品是一种过流过热保护器,其特点是体积小,断开动作快,用于精确的控制(电机马达、 变压
17AMI series are overcurrent and thermal protector products,small size and quick response,it
has been widely used in precise controlling of temperature limited or current limited
components in motor,transfomer etc.
17AMI thermal protector products's principle:current following through the bimetal strip and
two contacts,when an electric appliance under non normal work status,the temperature or current
reach the max limitation for OFF,the bimetal strip will break off immediately and cut off the
circuit.When the electric appliance back to normal temperature the bimetal will close
immediately and connect the circuit.This thermal protector has automatic reset function.
17AMIOP series products are added PTC based on 17AMI.The power-off protection and delay
protection effect,this type requires cut off the circuit then reset to work status,with
reliable and safe characteristic.
17AMIRP series products are added thermal compensation resistor based on 17AMIOP which original
type is manual reset,this provide a precise overcurrent protection.This type could be adjusted
based on customer's different current or time requirements,this type also requires cut off the

circuit then reset to work status,with reliable and safe characteristic.