Product Name: 6A Micro Switches

6A Micro Switches

SPST Micro Switches

SPDT Micro Switches

Micro Switches

Product description: Smaller pieces of action. Switch feel is good, contact points off quickly. Pieces of high quality of beryllium copper shrapnel provide sufficient contact pressure and guarantee the mechanical life of the product. Pieces of operation to choose from. Dust high waterproof grade, waterproof effect is good. Mixer is widely used in fruit juice machine, mixer, coffee machine light kitchen appliances

Product details


Rated voltage AC125V AC250V DC8V DC14V DC30V DC125V DC250V
Resistive load 5A(10A) 5A(10A) 5A(10A) 5A(10A) 4A 0.4A 0.2A
Light load NC:1.5A  NO:0.7A NC:1A  NO:0.5A 2A 2A 2A 0.05A 0.03A
Inductive load 3A 2A NC:5A  NO:4A NC:4A  NO:4A NC:3A  NO:3A NC:0.4A  NO:0.4A NC:0.2A  NO:0.2A
Motor load NC:2.5A NO:1.3A NC:1.5A NO:0.8A 3A 3A 3A 0.05A 0.03A
Contact material Silver alloy
Operating speed 0.1mm~1000m/s
Contact resistance 50mΩ max. (Initial value)
Insulation resistance 100mΩ DC500V
Dielectric strength 1000V, 50/60Hz 1min between terminals of the same polarity
1500V, 50/60Hz 1min between each terminal and no-current-carrying metal parts
1500V, 50/60Hz 1min between current-carrying metal parts and ground
Protection grade / PTI IEC IP40 / 175
Protection grade of electric shock Class
Ambient temperature and humidity Ambient operation temperature: -25℃~+125℃ with no icing and humidity: 60% max.
Life expectancy Mechanical: 1,000,000 operations min. Electrical: 100 000 operations min.
Certification CQC(GB15092.1), UL(UL61058, CSA-C22.2 No. 61058-1), ENEC(EN61058-1)