Product Name: Aluminum Knob Caps

Potentiometer Aluminum Knob

6mm Knurled Aluminum Knob

Rotary Switch Knob

Aluminum Knob Caps

Product description: The definition of the knob:The knob is engraved with an edge or a series of ordinary round label protrusions, disk or scale dish, can rotate them or promote pull out, to start and manipulate or control something (such as amplifier). According to the material knob classification: metal knobs (aluminum alloy, copper, alloy) and plastics knobs (plastic, bakelite).

Product details

Material PE-AL-PP knobs Body hat shapes
Color Champagne Scale Marked Straight -scale
High Bright Side Bright scale Chamfer Angle 45 degree angle
Surface Plane surface Axis Round tooth shaft (plum flower axis)

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